Summer Season 2013 Underway

Summer 2013 has had a slow start due to the wet weather throughout the month of June. The rule for our Thursday meeting nights is: no chess if it’s raining (obviously!), and no chess if the air quality has been reported us “unsafe” by our weather folks. Finally, no chess if it’s a national holiday - i.e. July 4th falls on a Thursday this year.

Otherwise, we will meet at the chess tables at 6pm, even during concert nights, wedding nights (we’ve seen a few weddings in the gazebo this year already) or birthday parties. Any questions or doubts about a meeting night, we do have a mailing list - to be listed, sign up through our Contact Page (
click here) or if you’re on Facebook, we will also post some updates (changes or cancellations) there every week (click here). Finally, you can subscribe to this blog and get updates as they occur, just click on the RSS Feed link to the right.

We have purchased an additional set of chess pieces, so now we have three sets in all. We only have the two granite tables that we use each week, but if the team starts to grow, we can look into purchasing additional portable chess boards made out of canvas or plastic, that are used by most teams. But don’t be afraid to bring your own chess set, if you’re attached to it. There are additional picnic tables next to the granite chess tables, where we can spread out if need be.

So come on down for a game with George or Patrick, and join us for our weekly chess night in Pawtuxet Park.

Chess in the Park

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